Tips # Top Success secrets in any interview.

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Just a little extra effort beforehand can help you win any job and successfully pass an interview. Before the interview, you require much research and planning about the company and job you are applying. Remember it is the two-way conversation, so you need a lot of information to be confident in an interview. The way of your presentation keeps you more engaged and thoughtful during and after an interview. Many times you neglect few fundamental things which actually are needed to emphasize on, so make sure you have all the answer for expected questions. ; I’ve been interviewed and have interviewed many times in the past couple years, most of the times I have been rejected initially in my career, but do not worry, failure is the first step to success. Let’s find out what you actually need to do before facing interview.

;Research The Company: ;Go through the company’s website, social network pages, editorials, and annual reports. Find out their ongoing projects, ; Strategy, Products, Finances, Departments, Competitive Advantages, Competitors, future plans and ultimate goals. Try to figure out the size of the company, how many employees they have and what kind of work environment and culture they offer. Understanding the company’s mission, policies and history can not only help you in determining expected questions to ask but can also help you decide whether it’s the right place for you to make your next step.

Dress to impress the Interviewer ;: ; Clothes really matter. The best way to give a good impression to your employer. Deciding on an appropriate dress for your interview is important, so don’t forget to spend some time planning your outfit that aligns with the position of your job. Make sure your interview suit is clean and fits perfectly. You should feel very comfortable in the clothes you wear for an interview. This helps build your confidence. Take care of all aspects of your appearance, including your hair and nails.

;Research the Interviewer : ; ;If you are lucky enough to know the recruiters’ name beforehand, then make a deep research about him on Facebook or social network profile. LinkedIn makes that easy as you can check out the interviewer’s profile on LinkedIn to see their background. Mention some of the points in your answer that would be liked by your interviewer. ;

;Review the job description: ;Review the job description in detail and highlight the points which they want to hear from you.

Make copies of your resume/CV: ; ;Make copies of your resume/CV, cover letter, academic certificates ;and other important documents along with your passport size photograph ;in advance. Your answer should not be different than that you have mentioned in your CV.

Handshake: ; ;Practice handshake. ;Don’t crush the interviewer’s hand, but don’t give a soft, floppy handshake, either. Your handshake should be firm and businesslike which shines your personality. ; ;

Prepare some of the questions for the ;interviewer: ; ;: ;If you want to show some interest and seriousness for the job, you ;can ;show, by asking some of the questions to your interviewer. (Check out some of the questions in the “General question” Section sliding left to your mobile screen menu).

Make Positive visualization: ;According to, Actors, yoga instructors and new age thinkers who sleep under makeshift pyramids to absorb that mystical energy make you feel more confident and genuine. Imagine yourself sitting opposite to the interviewer facing ;his questions. ; It actually becomes a part of your self-image and helps you to be more comfortable in your real interview.

After you finish all 8 task, have a sound sleep and relax. Be physically ready for the next day.




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